Host Committee 2016

Madeline and Howell Adams Lila and Doug Hertz Jan and John Portman
Dolly and John Adams Carolyn and Lem Hewes Mary Portman
Linda and Rick Allen Sarah and Harvey Hill Mark Preisinger
Gayle and Jimmy Alston Wawa and Richard Hines Libby and Ernie Prickett
Greg Anderson Ann and Bob Holder Sandra and Larry Prince
Michael Anderson Pearlann and Jerry Horowitz Betsy Pritchett
Sharon and Bonneau Ansley Scott Horowitz Jenny and Bob Pruitt
Yum and Ross Arnold Tatty and Harry Howard Julia and Hamilton Reynolds
Jean Astrop Barbara and Peter Howell Dianne and Stan Rivers
Lisa and Joe Bankoff Robin and Hilton Howell Nancy and Randy Rizor
Patricia Barmeyer and Ward Wight Kerry and Bailey Izard Nita Robinson
Lola and Charlie Battle Mary Izard Adrian and John Robinson
Alister Bazaz and Kathleen Bazaz Rosalind and Jimmy Jeter Jennifer and Joe Rogers
Cheryl and Paul Beckham Lou Brown Jewell Ruth Magness Rollins
Karen and Paul Bowers Sally and Warren Jobe Gloria Perkins and James Satterfield
Anne and David Boyd Mary and Neil Johnson Laura and Rutherford Seydel
Kathleen and Steve Brown Edwina and Tom Johnson Harriet and Charlie Shaffer
Tammie and Michael Brown Cecy Jones Cary and Jack Sibley
Allison Builder Randy Jones Lamar and Clarence Smith
Janet and Matt Burrell Ingrid Saunders Jones Susie Soper and Bo Holland
Nancy and Dan Carithers Janet and Sammy Kellett Mary Mac and J.J. Southerland
Nina Cheney Sarah and Jim Kennedy Sandy and Pick Stephens
Sarah and William Clarke Muhtar Kent Stephanie and Austin Stephens
Bev Coker Barrett and Edward Krise Lou and Dick Stormont
Betty Jo and Andy Currie Lynn and A.J. Land Joan and Jim Stormont
Lavona Currie Peggy and James Lientz Gretchen and Andrew Taylor
Jill and Bill Dahlberg Haven and Randy Long Mary Rose Taylor and Dennis
Caroline Jones Davis Dennis Love and Gay Love Lockhart
Kelly and John Deushane Belle and Barry Lynch Melody and Joe Thomas
Patsy and Jere Drummond Billi and Bernie Marcus Pat Thomas
Vivian and Sam Dubose Katie and Skip Martin Shirley and Mike Trapp
Joyce and John Dyer Ileana and Eduardo Martinez Pat and Tim Tuff
Pat Epps Donna Mastrangelo-Ryan and Charlie Ryan Ted Turner
Molly and Mike Eskew Polly and Kendrick Mattox Sara Ann and Woody Vaughan
Sandy and David Ferguson Mimi and Robert McCallum Caroline and Bryan Vroon
Cindy and Bill Fowler Camille and Robert McDuffie Mary and Felker Ward
Duvall and Rex Fuqua Sue and John McKinley Kim and Larry Westbrook
Caroline Gilham Charlotte and Finley Merry Jane and Bill Whitaker
Marty and John Gillin Judy and Lester Miller Margaret and Bill Whitaker
Sally and Joe Gladden Sue and George Missbach Adair and Dick White
Lou and Tom Glenn Flossie and Tommy Mobley Sue and John Wieland
Sandra and John Glover Susan and Bob Moore Sue Williams
Pam and Bobby Glustrom Brenda and Charlie Moseley Sherry and Billy Wren
Ruth and Carl Gooding Sue and Doug Murphy Carolyn and Andrew Young
Emi and Michael Gragnani Rene and Jim Nalley
Anne and Berny Gray Luanne and Tom Nicholson
Nancy and Holcombe Green Colleen and Sam Nunn
Charlotte and Bob Guido Sally and McKee Nunnally
Louise Gunn Frances and Ray Orton
Joey and Jack Guynn Marianna and Solon Patterson
Kinsey and Gordon Harper Libby and Gene Pearce
Mary and Sidney Harris Rhonda and Bert Ponder
Yvonne and Mike Harreld Nancy and John Pope
Regina and Steve Hennessy