Finding Finding People Who Understand Early Memory Loss

Many people tell us they do not know anyone else who is having memory problems.  We heard this so often that the Emory Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center began a “Early Memory Loss Group” back in 1991.  This program continues today and is now co-sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter. 

Early Memory Loss Group

This eight-week class is designed for people who are facing the many challenges of dealing with memory impairment.  Couples are invited to participate when one of the couple has been diagnosed with mild memory difficulty.  The class is divided so that the members of the couples who are experiencing memory difficulty meet in one group and their spouses meet in a different group. Single individuals experiencing early memory loss are invited to participate in this group series also.  They may come alone or with a friend and/or family member. Participation in this class may require an interview with one of the group leaders prior to registration. 

This eight-week class meets for 1 ½ hours each week.  Topics will include: common changes in people faced with memory problems, role changes, memory aides, planning for the future and stress reduction. 

For further information on this group which is held in the fall and winter/spring of each year call 404-728-6273 or email

Monthly Alumni Groups

Monthly Alumni groups are held for people who have participated in the Early Memory Loss Program.  Information is provided to participants at the end of the eight-week class.


The Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter offers a social club for persons with early memory loss and their spouses and/or care partner. The club meets once a month for lunch at various restaurants in the Atlanta area.  Occasionally other activities or day trips are planned.  Each couple pays for their own meal.  Participants in “Forget Me Nots” can relax during outings, because each couple understands the needs involved in caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease. They offer each other support, information and fun. Call the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter at 404-728-1181 for further information and to be placed on the mailing list.